Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to Haiti

Hello everybody,

So I am now in Jeremie, Haiti currently settling into the house and getting acclimated to living in this new town. I have been in Haiti for a little over a week now, all I can say is that 6 months is going to be a long time but such amazing experience and such an opportunity to love like Jesus. On our third day in Jeremie we went to one of the water well sites, fixed the pump, and had clean, drinkable water flowing at 12 gallons a minutes it was rad.

Meet Jessica: this is a cute little girl I met while we were working on the well. She was carrying a 2 gallon jug of water on her head, that's 17 pounds, it might not sound like a lot but try it. She couldn't have been any older than 10 years old. But, what impressed me the most was her joy it was probably about 90 degrees and 70 percent humidity and she was carrying that on her head and just had a HUGE smile. She just touched my heart.

A couple of days later we went to visit the countryside where one of our Haitian brothers, Jacob, grew up. It was called Parotie it was so awesome.

So this is the family that I visited it was incredible as soon as we got there we were looking at coconuts in a tree and a couple seconds later one of the men from the village was climbing a coconut tree and he had gotten us about 2 coconuts each and then we all drank the coconut milk and ate the coconut meat it was amazing.

Last time, a group from impact was in Jeremie they blessed this community with roofs and framing for 3 houses but unfortunately the community doesn't have the money to buy the cement needed to do the outside walls so this is what they look like 6 months after we put them up.

*********** BLESSING ALERT ***********
It only costs about 300 dollars per house to buy the cement needed to build the walls and 300 more dollars to furnish the house with 2 beds, a table and chairs. So, this is your chance to really change someone's life. We have 3 houses that we want to be able to bless and do these things for if you are interested let me know.

These were just a couple of the kids from this village and it was a blessing that we got to spend the afternoon with such a joy filled group of kids.


The little kid in the red sleeveless shirt his name is Dimi. He was such a cute kid as we were walking up the hill, he was holding someone's hand, and with the other hand he was holding up his pants it was so cute. So when we first got to the village he did not like being held so we just walked next to him holding hands.

It did not take too long for me to rub off on him.

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