Sunday, October 9, 2011

One family

Meet Jeffah: So on one of the first days of being in Jeremie I met him, he was so cute and fun and loved me and it was just awesome seeing this child in his situation and he just has pure joy. He is younger and way smaller than all of the big kids so they don't really let him play, but he doesn't listen. When we were playing soccer, one day basically he was like a human cannonball, wherever the group of kids were with the ball he would run full speed and just start kicking (most of the time not hitting the ball haha). One day we were walking to the soccer field and his dad said something to him. So now every time we cross the street together or pretty much go anywhere he holds my hands. I love this child!!!

So, just down the street from our house is a hospital and about 1-4 times a week some of us go and visit. We mostly go to the baby section and love on these kids, some of whom are abandoned.
The first time we went to the hospital to visit the babies I am not going to lie I wasn't very excited. Not because I don't like kids but i don't like SICK kids. Also, what i was told was that basically all these kids needed from us was to be held and loved. The way that I love kids is not through holding and hugging, its through joking making them laugh. So, the first two kids i walked up to started crying i knew this was gonna be rough.


MEET SAMANTHA: She is the cutest !!!!!

Then, I walked up to her crib and she loved me and the feeling was mutual. She was full of joy and just the cutest thing. So, within about 15 mins i had her laughing and then it became a Haitian dance party, Yes ladies and gentleman we were dancing!!!!

This is the part that hurts. She is in the hospital because she is sick. Please pray for her because she has some sort of chest congestion.

She loves playing and dancing.

This picture is so precious to me and just really moves my heart. She is sooooo small and cute.

One of the best parts of the story is that the boy that God connected my heart to, Jeffah the boy at the top of the page. JEFFAH and SAMANTHA ARE BROTHER AND SISTER AND I HAD NO IDEA!!!! GOD IS GOOOOOODDD!!!!!